Test Requirements

White Testing for Gold   

Front Stance

Straddle stance

Rising Block

Low Block

Twin Fist Block

Outside Forearm Block

Punches in Straddle Stance

Punches in Front Stance

Step and Punch Front Stance

Fighting Stance

Reverse Punch

Back Fist

Front Snap Kick

Step Across Spin Kick

Defensive Spin Kick

Offensive Spin Kick

Two Handed Grab

One Handed Grab A and Variation

 Gold Testing for Orange

 All Previous Techniques Plus

Middle Knife Hand

Low Knife Hand

Outside Knife Hand Strike

Ridge Hand

Inverted Punch

Sidestep Reverse Punch


Step Behind Side Kick

Defensive Side Kick

Offensive Side Kick

Turning Back Kick (Turn Kick)

Side Headlock

Side Headlock With Punch



Palgue 1 (Palgue Il Jang)

Kick Punch Counters

 Orange Testing for Green     

All Previous Techniques Plus

Inside Forearm Block

Inside Knife Hand Strike

Bear Hug

Full Nelson

Slide up Heel Kick

Defensive Heel Kick

Offensive Heel Kick

Backspinning Heel Kick

Palgue 2 (Palgue Yi Jang)


 Green Testing For Blue

All Previous Techniques Plus

Low X Block

High X Block

Spear Hand Body

Spear Hand Throat 

Back Fist, Reverse Punch

Back Fist, Ridge Hand

Back Fist, Reverse Punch, Ridge hand

Jump Offensive Spin Kick

One Steps 1-3

Palgue 3 (Palgue Sam Jang)

 Blue Testing for Purple  

All Previous Techniques Plus

Back Fist, Lunge Punch

Back Fist, Lunge Punch, Inverted Punch

Double Jump Front Kick

Double Jump Spin Kick

Kicking Combinations

One Steps 4-6

Palgue 4 (Palgue Sa Jang)


 Purple Testing For 4th Brown

All Previous Techniques Plus

Jump Back Kick

Elevated Side Kick

One Steps Advanced 1-3

Palgue 5 (Palgue Oh Jang)


 4th Brown Testing for 3rd Brown

All Previous Plus

Jump Turn Kick

One Steps Advanced 4-6

Palgue 6 (Palgue Yook Jang)



3rd Brown Testing for 2nd Red

All Previous Plus

Palgue 7 (Palgue Chil Jang)



2nd Red Testing for 1st Red


All Previous Plus

Palgue 8 (Palgue Pal Jang)



1st Red Testing for Deputy Dan (Deputy Black Belt)


All Previous Plus

Slide Up Front Punch, Side Step reverse Punch

Back Fist, Reverse Punch, Step, Back Fist Reverse Punch

Knife defense

Club Defense

Koryo 1

Board Breaking



Deputy Testing for Black


Everything! Plus!

 Koryo 2

Board Breaking